Scheduled irrigation and fertigation of farmland.

Active control and monitoring of geographically isolated pumpstations.

Wireless network architectures for monitoring of critical infrastructure on farms.

Oil & Gas

Monitoring of bulk fuel, additive and gas storage infrastructure.

Product and additive transfer, gantry filling and site-wide critical systems’ infrastructure monitoring and control at refineries, fuel depots and factories.

Monitoring and control of various auxiliary services which includes demineralization, by-product processing and packaging systems as well as perimeter security.

Industrial Manufacturing

Automation of molding, extrusion, assembly, batching, mixing and packaging lines.

Robotic picking and palletizing systems.

Infrastructure & Energy Management

Active power monitoring, billing, and implementation of power factor correction based on data analysis.

Monitoring and control of local and distributed energy reticulation infrastructure.

Emergency backup power monitoring, control and transfer systems.

Renewable energy, solar energy systems.

Diesel generation systems.

Warehousing & Distribution

Identification, tracking and routingon automated conveyor systems.

Product sorting systems.

Weighing and dimensioning systems for product receipt, quality control and dispatch.

High speed packaging and labelling of products.

Active WMS (Warehouse Management System) integration.

Food & Beverage

Product transfer and the automation of batching, mixing, proving and baking systems. Secondary product handling using conveying systems for packaging and dispatch.

Cellar transfer, cooling and blending control as well as product processing for the wine industry.

Water & Wastewater

Raw water transfer, dosing and processing for municipal, petrochemical, mining and energy generation process distribution.

Water processing and blending for temperature sensitive processes.

Wastewater treatment for municipal facilities.

Demineralization plants for the treatment of process water.

Marine & Ports

Engine monitoring systems and critical infrastructure monitoring and control onboard vessels and oil rigs.

Onboard processing and packaging facilities.

Metals & Mining

Crushing, blending, stacking, reclaiming and storage of raw materials.

Automotive Manufacturing

Automation of core mold casting, steel cast cooling, shot blasting as well as parts manufacturing and assembly lines.