Project Design

Our team’s combined knowledge and experience enable us to provide innovative and efficient designs for holistic solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations, while strictly conforming or adapting to any technical or operational constraints that might exist.

Project Management

We can offer multi-disciplinary project management that draws on our vast experience in design and implementation of projects across all verticals. Our drive is efficient execution, while maintaining the desired quality.

PLC Software Development

Our automation engineers design and develop reliable and stable application-specific control software, with an end result that is a culmination of industry standards, our unique best practices and building blocks and extensive testing in our quality control environment.

SCADA & HMI Development

We design and develop intuitive user interfaces that are visually appealing yet balanced to highlight important indicators and notifications. Our SCADA solutions are tailored to customer-specific requirements, whether that be for peripheral based navigation or for touch-screen interfaces, for simple stand-alone architectures or for complex high-availability server-client architectures.

Historian & Data Analytics

We truly understand the importance of robust data collection and storage solutions, but more importantly we aim to deliver the data processed or analysed for valuable insight towards strategic decision making and management.

MES Development

We offer solutions that integrate at both ERP level and control level to deliver real-time visibility and efficient management of your manufacturing process. Continuity is achieved through synchronised manufacturing, based on finished product requirements and on equipment and work center availability on the process floor.

Asset Management Systems

Our automated asset management solutions can give your organisation valuable real-time insight into your asset maintenance in the short term, while considerably reducing the risk of unplanned reduced asset performance or worse, failure, in the long term, all while reducing the input cost associated thereto.

Networking Design & Implementation

With a specific focus on operational technology (OT), we understand that the network is the backbone of reliability in a modern installation. We can assist with a variety of networking services for your business’s ever-changing needs, whether that be designing your network and implementing an optimised design or providing support for your network related issues.

Electrical Control Assemblies

We accurately produce electrical control panels to individual requirements, from detailed design, though manufacturing to functional acceptance testing. The end product is an assembly of the highest quality, influenced by experienced engineers that have expertise with installation and commissioning challenges.

Critical Support Services

Our team provides ad-hoc and SLA driven business-critical support with on-site services to rapidly diagnose and repair equipment- and system breakdowns.  Our expertise and experience allows us too effectively and efficiently rectify and resolve problems and failures.

Platform Virtualization

Our automation team continually drives efficiency, and virtualisation resonates with this vision. We can reduce overall operational cost through improved hardware utilisation, ease scalability with dynamic load balancing and increase hardware and software resilience with continuous-availability architectures and highly effective disaster recovery.


Our experienced team welcomes the sharing of knowledge, whether it be internally to grow and better support our clients or through tailored training offerings. We can help you invest in yourself or your team with either customer-specific training, facilitated vendor-offered training or a synergy of the two.

Power Quality Analysis

We offer one-off audits and fixed installations for monitoring of energy consumption and diagnosis of electrical anomalies. We understand the seriousness of compromised power quality and how it often leads to excessive power usage and unexplained equipment malfunctions, both of which can be easily rectified to produce short-term investment returns.